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    Your 2020 Membership is valid for 2021!

    See below note from Ted Chase, Membership Chair on behalf of the Board of Directors.

    Good Morning and Happy New Year!

    I have some exciting news from your SW Michigan SHRM Chapter regarding your membership.

    The board wishes to offer you a continuation of your 2020 membership to cover the dues for 2021!!!

    What does this mean? 

    You will be considered a member in good standing for all of 2021 at no cost to you.

    What can you do? 

    • Accept our offer and just enjoy your membership for another year
    • Agree to be invoiced the cost of one membership. With the intent to sponsor a new chapter member for 2021                          

    This is my favorite option for a few reasons:

    • You get to provide the gift of membership to one of your HR friends who is not currently on our roster
    • You help grow the chapter which only improves the value to each of us

    While we have to stay physically distanced, being socially connected is more important now than ever before.  Any increase in membership will help us do just that and I look forward to all we can do together.

    What is your next step? 

            Simply reply to this email indicating you would like to be invoiced $50 as usual and give us the name of the person you wish to sponsor for 2021 so we can reach out to them.

    Please reach out with any questions or concerns, I would love to connect!